“Natalie has seen me both privately on her Pilates studio equipment and a thorough rehabilitation programme for a severely broken wrist that had been pinned. She is presently teaching me advanced pilates classes at an advanced level, totaling 3 years. She has helped me rebalance and strengthen my near middle-aged body! Her lifelong experience with fitness, dance, and pilates is continually enhanced with Natalie attending courses to update her teaching practice. Natalie has a rounded and fully comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy making her teaching the most professional it could be. She is a devoted and caring teacher with a warm and friendly personality. Highly recommended.”

Fee Bowie

“Natalie has been invaluable to my wellbeing. Her 1 to 1 sessions as well as the classes have brought strength and flexibility to my entire body as well as bringing me a calm mind. My bad back is resolved and my body is so much stronger in the right places! I see her Pilates as an investment in my health for now and the future. Natalie is a passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher who is a lot of fun too!”

Vanessa Barlow

“I have loved attending your pilates sessions. As a result of your initial assessment of my fitness, competence, and needs you have allocated me to a class that seems the ideal level. Your instructions are clear and the programme varied and balanced. The exercises are challenging but achievable and I feel very energized at the end of each session. The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed, yet purposeful.  I feel fitter and more confident. The hall with its beautiful views adds to the pleasure!”

Liz Davies

“Natalie is a very knowledgeable Pilates instructress, the sessions are fun and never boring. She is constantly updating and gaining new skills. I believe that my well-being benefits from the regular lessons and I intend to continue for as long as I am able. Thank you, Natalie, for 10 years of healthy exercise.”

Celia Young

“I love Pilates as it has helped me keep stretched and made me more balanced. Every part of the body is covered over a few weeks.  I started coming to Natalie’s Pilates about 8 years ago and really feel it’s been beneficial to me in my “60’s”. Natalie is such a good, cheerful teacher.”

D. Astin 

“Pilates day is my favourite day of the week! I come away from every session feeling at least 3″ taller, wide open instead of all hunched up. With improved posture and relaxed enough to skip all the way home.”

 Jenny S

“Without almost ten years of Natalie’s challenging but individually supportive classes, I would not still be able to do now at 70 something what I could do at 60 something.”

Wendy Davies

“It takes a lot to get me up on a Monday morning but, hey, it’s my Pilates class with Natalie…… such a bundle of fun and energy. We are lucky to have such a lovely, fun loving class who never seem to mind the ongoing changes that Natalie makes to our routines……life is never boring and the time goes all too quickly. We are stretched, rocked and rolled but never out of our comfort zone as Natalie keeps a very close watch on us all and gives help and advice when she thinks it is necessary. She also goes away on courses which help to keep her up to date which is good to know, particularly for those who suffer from different ailments. There is always lots to do and she does it well and always with a smile. I Would highly recommend Natalie’s classes to anyone……and her one to one sessions are great too.”

Caroline Powley

“I took up Pilates to improve my posture and flexibility. Attending Natalie’s studio 1:1 lessons has definitely helped me. I am more aware of how I sit and stand and Natalie tailors my lessons to help with my particular needs. I have certainly become more flexible and stronger, with improved posture. After my sessions, I leave feeling stronger and more energised. I completely recommend anyone considering Pilates to contact Natalie for the best professional help around.”

FI Hedger

“I have been attending Natalie’s classes for over 2 years and have really noticed the difference in my posture and mobility. Natalie is a calm and encouraging teacher who inspires great confidence. She always challenges me to improve whilst remaining alert to my particular physical restrictions and level of ability.”


When I developed Osteoporosis and Curvature of the Spine I was advised to join a Yoga or Pilates Class to help straighten and strengthen my body. I was highly recommended to Natalie and after having a few one-to-one sessions with her and subsequently joining her weekly class a year and a half ago, my body has responded well to increasing mobility. Plus doing daily exercises at home, my spine has straightened and my core has become much stronger. Without Natalie’s professional caring advice, input and perseverance I would not be as upright and as well as I am today. Natalie is a happy, caring, wonderful teacher, looking after everyone’s special needs, every week we learn something different and come away from Class feeling very stretched and mentally refreshed and happy. I very highly recommend Natalie.

Romy Parker-Sales

I have been doing pilates for over 15 years, largely to help with persistent headaches and backache. Being 6 foot tall, posture and flexibility is also very important to me. I found Natalie on a recommendation after moving to Lyme 8 years ago and have attended her weekly classes ever since, backed by individual sessions when I’ve needed them to address particular problems as they have arisen over the years.

Natalie is the best teacher I have come across…dedicated, caring and always keeping up to date with advances in techniques. Even within a class environment, she is aware of individual’s constraints and explains how to tailor the exercise to suit them and no two sessions are the same, so there is no risk of boredom through repetition! Finally, I have found the way she teaches so refreshing – using visualisation and building on stages of an exercise to ensure that even after all these years, basics are still being done properly and bad habits kept at bay. All this within a friendly, welcoming environment and a great location with views across Lyme!

Hayley Kinlan

“I have been attending Natalie’s Pilates classes for several years now.  I always enjoy them and come out feeling fitter and stronger both physically and mentally.  When I first went to Natalie I had been suffering from a very painful right knee for some time following an injury.  I had a few private sessions in Natalie’s home studio which enabled me with Natalie’s help to find what my limit of movement was and which exercises were safe and comfortable for me too.  This really gave me back my confidence and I started attending her classes where I gradually made very good progress.

Natalie is very mindful of any pupils’ weaknesses and will adjust exercises accordingly to their ability which is very reassuring.  She keeps us well informed of the benefits of the exercises that we are doing and introduces new exercises for us to try which is fun, especially with Natalie.” 

Mary Howard